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FRIDAY, July 12
Numbers at 9 am
Grounds open at 9:30 am
Home open 10 am to 6 pm

Numbers at 9 am
Grounds open at 9:30 am
Home open 10 am to 6 pm
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View Sale Photos

Donald Estate Sale

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Donald Wrase was a talented Duluth area machinist at Frazer Shipyards, and we're selling his lifetime collection of antique Great Lakes Shipping maritime items from the late 1800's to early 1900's ships, saved from salvage a half century ago when many of the ships' power plants and navigation systems were upgraded. 

Don could fix anything and make almost anything. In addition to building his collection of wonderful pieces of maritime history, he also had the hobby  of building lamps and various décor items from marine items that came off the ships -- like the unfinished 80 lb brass bell he was working on and that we are selling!  He often created these special things and gifted them back to the ship captains but, there are several that we are selling this weekend, as well.

The collection is even more interesting because he kept records and, his family has generously provided the provenance linking many of the pieces to a dozen specific ships!

1. From the Thomas F. Cole
Brass taffrail log   $500

2. From the Dredge Coleman
Porthole with mirror   $150

3. From the Alva C. Dinkey
Brass gyro repeater   $500

4. From the James A. Farrell
Brass portholes $500 each, two fire extinguishers $400 each, lifeboat oars $160 each, work whistle   $700

5. From the E.G. Grace
Chelsea clock   $250

6. From the William A. McGonagle

One lifeboat oar    $160

7. From the Henry Phipps
Revolution counter    $400

8. From the William P. Palmer
Metal locker box $150 and sounding board     $175

9. From the Eugene W. Pargny
We're selling a complete Frank Morrison brass binnacle $1800, as well as a fabulous quarter-sawn oak key locker and 12 brass keys with ID tags, all from the Pargny!   $800

10. From the Eugene P. Thomas
Big, brass and beautiful! These items are rare and the Thomas #274 hull plate is special! $5000. We also have a clinometer $250 and a handsome brass throttle lever from the Thomas    $450

11. From the Peter A.B. Widener
We're selling a complete and pristine brass Engine Order Telegraph (EOT) aka Chadburn!    $2800

12. From the Homer D. Williams
This heavy, oak captain's porch swing hung on the Williams $1800! The work whistle is $575 and the hull #720 boiler manufacturer's plate is   $500.

13. Other – We're also selling a ship's 5-ft emergency double wheel for   $2800.

Other important items include a five-foot emergency double steering wheel with a complete helm station! There are two other single wheels of the same size, as well as two more unassembled binnacles. You’ll find dozens of brass gauges, compasses, more lifeboat oars, work whistles, oilers and steam horn diaphragms, too. Look for the many anchor balls, binnacle lamps, fire nozzles, huge brass propeller nuts, a mooring bitt and a signal plate. You’ll also find brass hardware and brass open-end and spud wrenches, as well as many Great Lakes shipping related photos and ephemera! Other great items you’ll want include many lamps and home décor items constructed from Great Lakes shipping items.

In addition to the marine items we are selling numerous pieces of antique furniture, as well as current period furniture, electronics and household items. The outbuildings are full! The large back garage is full of hand and power tools, bench tools, ladders, hardware and anything a do-it-your-selfer would want!

We are still discovering items, so check back often for more information and photos!

Donald Estate SaleDonald Estate SaleDonald Estate SaleDonald Estate Sale
Donald Estate SaleDonald Estate Sale

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