Estate of Value  

Business, Pricing, and Bid Policy

ESTATE of VALUE Business Policies

EOV Bid Rules


  1. EOV prices & conducts estate, moving & liquidation sales to:

    a. Achieve client objectives
    b. Obtain fair market value for our client.
    c. Attract customers to the sale & develop a following for all EOV sales
    d. Liquidate &/or dispose of the estate efficiently

  2. Most items are individually priced or signs may be posted noting price per or other price instructions.
  3. Many low value Smalls such as, but not limited to, garage & basement items are purposely left unpriced.
  4. EOV garage/basement staff is authorized & able to quote prices on the spot for MOST of these Smalls.
  5. Bring any other items of uncertain price to the checkout for assistance or ask for a manager.
  6. First day of sale – prices are FIRM. Reductions & discounts are NOT available on day one.
  7. In the event of a pricing error we reserve the right to withhold selling an item until it is properly evaluated.


  1. On day two (or additional days if advertised) it is EOV standard practice to sell MOST items that are priced UNDER $100 at a discount of at least 50%.
  2. Therefore, on day one of the sale, & for items priced UNDER $100, you might decide to defer your purchase & take your chances that the item will remain unsold & available for you to purchase at a discount the next day.
  3. Different rules apply to items priced AT $100 or more.
  4. For items UNDER $100 , the discount is usually 50% (occasionally 75%).
  5. EOV signs are abundantly displayed throughout the premises advertising the discount information.


  1. Because items UNDER $100 are already being discounted you may NOT bid on items priced UNDER $100.
  2. You may only submit bids for items priced AT $100 or more.
  3. Your bid must be at least 55% of the asking price. (Otherwise we'd just say 50% off everything, right?)
  4. Bids are accepted from the opening time until the closing time of the last day of the sale and during the hours specified on the EOV website or as published in the local media.
  5. Your bid is your word. It represents a legal offer. Should you win the bid it is your obligation to purchase the item at the price you specified on your submitted bid. DO NOT BID if you don't intend to pay for and move the item.
  6. You must be 21 years of age or older to submit a bid.
  7. Use a separate bid form for each bid item.
  8. Complete each bid form in full.
  9. Bid forms and bid boxes are located at checkout areas or, ask any EOV associate for help.
  10. You have the right to retract your bid, but only if you do so before the end of the bid period.
  11. This is a silent bid process. We will not divulge bid amounts to you or others.
  12. If the items sell at full price before the sale ends then all bids on it are void.
  13. EOV reviews bids after the close of business on the final day of the sale. This can take several hours.
  14. Successful bidders will be notified generally the same day. If we cannot reach the winning bidder in reasonable amount of time we will contact the back up bidder.
  15. The highest bidder wins the bid & the items must be paid for immediately. We accept cash, most credit cards & checks (management approval required).
  16. Items must be removed from the premises immediately unless other arrangements are made with EOV.
  17. You must bring your own equipment, helpers & transportation when removing items from the sale.
  18. EOV reserves the right to reject incomplete, illegible and/or bids do not conform to our policy.

EOV appreciates your business. We also respect your time. Of course we always want repeat customers and loyal followers; however, we also recognize that perhaps a hardware liquidation sale may not be of interest to a doll collector. To help you decide on the sales you want to attend we post photos & sale descriptions as fast as we get them. Then quite frequently we add follow up information & more photos here & there to further help you.

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